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Stereo Zoom Microscope With Touch Screen

Leading Wholesale Trader of advanced zoom stereo microscope rsmr series and stereo zoom microscope with touch screen from Pune.
Advanced Zoom Stereo Microscope RSMR Series

Advanced Zoom Stereo Microscope RSMR Series

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Working Distance100 mm
Size200x255x40 mm
Zoom Ratio6.41
Interpupillar Distance55-75 mm
Diameter32 mm

Stereo microscopes, also known as stereoscopic microscopes or dissecting microscopes, are optical instruments used for viewing specimens in three dimensions at low magnification. Unlike compound microscopes, which offer higher magnification and are used for viewing transparent or thinly sliced specimens, stereo microscopes provide a three-dimensional view of larger, opaque specimens with lower magnification.

Key features and components of stereo microscopes include:

  1. Binocular Viewing: Stereo microscopes typically feature two eyepieces (binocular) to provide a comfortable and natural viewing experience. This allows for depth perception and enhances the 3D effect.

  2. Magnification Range: Stereo microscopes offer relatively low to moderate magnification, typically ranging from around 5x to 100x. Some models may have interchangeable objective lenses or zoom capabilities for adjustable magnification.

  3. Objective Lenses: The objective lenses of a stereo microscope are positioned at a fixed distance apart, providing a stereoscopic (or 3D) view of the specimen. These lenses capture separate images of the specimen from slightly different angles, mimicking the natural binocular vision of human eyes.

  4. Illumination: Stereo microscopes may feature various illumination options, including built-in LED lights, halogen bulbs, or external light sources. Adjustable illumination helps to properly illuminate the specimen for clear observation.

  5. Working Distance: The distance between the objective lens and the specimen, known as the working distance, is relatively large in stereo microscopes compared to compound microscopes. This allows for manipulation and handling of specimens under observation.

  6. Magnification Controls: Some stereo microscopes feature zoom controls or interchangeable objective lenses to adjust the magnification level according to the user's requirements.

Applications of stereo microscopes include:

  • Biological and biomedical research: Viewing larger specimens such as insects, plants, tissues, and organs.
  • Industrial inspection and quality control: Examining electronic components, mechanical parts, and materials for defects or abnormalities.

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Stereo Zoom Microscope With Touch Screen

Stereo Zoom Microscope With Touch Screen

Rs 1.5 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price
Working Distance110 mm
Field of view23-2.5(Mm)
Zoom Ratio of Objective18
Screen Size7 Inch
Options0.5X/2X Objective
Screen Resolution1280 X 800
The special characteristic of zoom Microscope is that one can observe the object in three dimensions within the field of view. It is ideally suited for Industrial as well as for Biological Research where high precision, maximum working distance and large field coverage is required. The flat field parfocal zoom objectives provide continuously variable magnification from 3.5x to 180x depending upon the eyepiece and auxiliary lenses used.
Touch screen is directly fitted to microscope.

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